Best Innova Inversion Table Review In 2018 – Find Out The Truth Now!

Welcome to our Innova Inversion Table Reviews. Innova fitness is one of the leading fitness equipment brands in the world. The brand also has many quality inversion tables in the market. Innova inversion table can be a smart choice for your regular workout and invert.

Innova Inversion Table is properly designed with the safety concern. So, you can use for regular chiropractic therapy and get relief from back pain, neck pain and relax your muscles.

Top 5 Innova Inversion Table Reviews

There are many inversion tables of the Innova fitness. However, we have picked the top 5 models according to the users. We will give you complete inversion table reviews so that you can pick the best and most suitable inversion table for you!

Innova Fitness ITX9800 Inversion Therapy Table

Innova Inversion Table

This is an expensive Innova inversion table for inverting to reduce back pain and muscle pain. It comes with patent-pending straps to ensure comfort during inverting. This will always provide you a protective design to feel comfortable and no risk of injury.

The padded backrest will give you back support and comfort during inverting. In addition, it will also improve your body posture with true balance system design. You will also get adjustable headrest pad for extra support. As a result, there is no risk of developing neck pain due to workout.

The therapy table is perfect for both short and tall people. It comes with five positions adjustable safety pin for providing inverting facility to all people. Moreover, it will also give you protective cover and straps for safe investing.

This is an expensive but professional therapy table for the chiropractic pain. It is suitable for from 4.10ft to 6.6ft person. The weight capacity is 300 lbs. so, you can continue workout without having any tension!

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Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Therapy Table

Innova Inversion Table

This is a heavy duty inversion table for providing relief from back and muscle pain. It comes with a large padded backrest for providing comfort. So, you will always get support on your back for inverting.
This is made of heavy gauge steel tubing for providing you good support. It can hold up to 300 lbs weight for the users. The extended design will give you enough space for inverting. The ankle support design will lock your ankle and give an easy way to do a workout.
You will get 5-point side inversion pin to adjust. You can do invert in any position with safety and comfort. Adjust the table suitable for your height to get proper support. Generally, it is suitable for 4.10ft to 6.6ft tall people.
In order to provide you safe upright position, you will get a padded handlebar. So, you will feel confident in doing the workout. In addition, it comes with a one-year limited warranty.

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Innova Fitness ITX9250 Deluxe Inversion Table

Innova Inversion Table

If you want an affordable inversion table, this is a good choice for you. This is an affordable but long-lasting therapy table for back and muscle pain. The overall design is perfect for durable use. Its 4-ppoint pod style design ensures stability when you are doing exercise. As a result, this is a safe therapy table.
It comes with 3- inversion position safety bar for easy inverting exercise. This will help you to remain safe when doing invert exercise. So, inverting will no longer problem for any beginner to recover pain. Also, it offers handlebars to return safely to the upright position.
In order to provide comfort, it is designed with soft touch handlebars. So, you can grab the handles for getting extra support. Moreover, the foam leg rollers are easy to reach and soft to hold.
This is a foldable inversion table for easy storages. As a result, you can also save space when the table is not in use.

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Innova Fitness ITX9300 Deluxe Inversion Table

Innova Inversion Table

This is an impressive therapy table with extra comfort. This is a suitable therapy table for providing you relief from back pain. It comes with a padded backrest and adjustable headrest for extra support. As a result, you will get recover from back pain and muscle pain very quickly.

The tables offer 4 positions inverting and exercise. So, this is a quite good medium for a daily workout routine. However, the table does not offer you 180-degree rotation facility.

You can expect risk-free inverting for pain relief. It’s extremely durable steel made the frame is stable is when doing an invert. In addition, it offers extra padded leg rollers and padded handlebar for support.
The height adjustable system is easy to fix. You can also fold the table for storage. It does not come with pre-assembled. So, you will get a complete guideline to assemble it for inverting exercise. Its 250 lbs weight capacity may be lower but provide a good inverting result.


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Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Therapy Table

Innova Inversion Tables

If you want an advanced therapy inversion table, this is the best model for you. It comes with unique heat and vibration therapeutic message technology. You can use both automatic and manual selection for getting a good massage experience. It also offers easy to adjust lumbar pad for extra support.
In short, the therapy inversion table will give you complete relief from muscle and back pain. In addition, its large energy foam backrest will always give extra support to your back. It also offers a removable padded head pillow to feel comfortable.

For inverting, you will have 4 positions with easy to adjust safety pin. So, it will give you safe design with good ankle support.

The table is suitable for 4.10ft to 6.6ft tall people. The weight capacity is 300 lbs that is enough for the maximum person too!

You will also get one-year limited warranty on the therapy table

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The Conclusion

Innova inversion table is one of the best solutions for your body pain. You can use the tables for inverting and workout time. They are very professionally designed with comfort. The backrest of the tables is padded for extra comfort. Moreover, the tables are designed by following the ANSI standards. So, there is no risk of getting an injury. You can choose any of our five Innova inversion table review and get a good solution.