Life Gear Inversion Table – What You Should Know About The Life Gear Inversion Table

If you are suffering from back pain, then, Life Gear Inversion table is one of the best solutions for your pain. This is a perfect inversion table that can give you many opportunities to stretch your body. So, you can get relief from pain and improve your body posture.


Moreover, it has many functions to prevent future body pains. As a result, this will always give you a good advantage to remain free from any chiropractic pain. You can also use the inversion table for chiropractic therapy. This is a comfortable table for your inverting time. There are enough safety concerns and ergonomic friendly design to reduce pain in a short time.

Let’s go for a complete Life Gera Inversion Table review. The detailed review will help you to make a final decision very easily on Life Gear Inversion Table.

Life Gear Inversion Table – Features:

The Life Gear Inversion Table offers some cool features to the users. You will get good benefits because of the features. In fact, they will give you a good workout time. The therapy will be effective for your workout time. As a result, you will have no pain in near future. But, you need to give regular workout time to the inversion table. The cool features are shortly highlighted bellow-

  • Durable &Stable Inversion Table
  • Ergonomic Friendly Design For Stretching
  • Safe & Comfortable Handle &Straps
  • Comfortable Backrest
  • Instructional Video Guideline
  • Maximum Weight Limit
  • 90-Day Limited Warranty

Let’s know a bit detailed about the features. Then, you can have a complete image of the quality of the table.

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Durable & Stable Inversion Table

The inversion table comes with a heavy-duty steel frame for durability. You will get a scratch resistant powder coated frame design on the table. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the quality and performance.

In addition, you will always get good stability. The inversion table comes with non-skid floor stabilizers for stability. As a result, you can do your workout without any tension. This will always remain fixed and give you the confidence to do stretching.

Ergonomic Friendly Design for Stretching

This is an ergonomic friendly inversion table in order to prevent any injury and side effect. Many inversion tables do not provide a good design. As a result, people get rid of the back pain but suffer from other pains.

The molded ankle cushions enhance the comfort level. You will never feel pain on your ankle due to the design. The molded cushions will protect your ankles from any injury or pain.

You will get ergonomic friendly angles in this table. So, you can stretch in multiple inverting angles without any problem. You will never feel uncomfortable or instability because of the design.

Safe & Comfortable Handle & Straps

The inversion table offers padded handle and straps for getting more confident. Moreover, they will give you a good feeling too.

Because of the straps and handles, you can use them for stability. Therefore, you can do stretching properly. There is also a vinyl safety cover in order to prevent finger pinching. In short, there is everything to satisfy you and give you a comfortable stretching time.

Life Gear Inversion Table

Comfortable Backrest

The backrest is very important for any inversion table. A comfortable and soft backrest will always give you a comfortable feeling. Moreover, this will support your back and give more time for inverting.

The inversion table offers tough vinyl material for back support. As a result, this will add additional comfort when you are inverting.

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Instructional Video Guideline

Don’t worry if you are a new user of the inversion table. The inversion table comes with an instructional videotape for the new users. The videotape will show you the right way to use the table for reducing your back pain. That means you do not need any therapist to assist you in inverting in a right way.

Moreover, you will also learn how to assemble the inversion table. As a result, you do not need any professional person to assemble it. You can watch the video and assemble it within a few minutes.

Maximum Weight Limit

The table offers maximum weight limit up to 300 pounds. This is quite good weight range for an inversion table. In fact, this is higher than many other inversion tables in the market.

The design is also good enough for 6’6-foot tall people. So, this opens a great option for the users. Both male and female with the weight limit and height can prefer the table.

90-Day Limited Warranty

You will get 90 days warranty from the manufacturer. So, this is a good satisfactory part of the table. But, the table will give you long time support.


Life Gear Inversion Table – The Pros

  • This is an ergonomic friendly design for inverting workout
  • This is durable and high quality for long time performance
  • It provides good weight limit up to 300 pounds
  • The inverting angles are protected for safety
  • You will get great stability because of the rubber stabilizer
  • This is a good inversion table for more than 6-foot taller people
  • It offers a comfortable backrest for extra support
  • The manufacturer offers 90 days limited warranty


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Life Gear Inversion Table – The Con:

  • Some of the users complained about the ankle support design. It causes ankle clamp due to the design.

Life Gear Inversion Table – The Customer Score:

This is a perfect inversion table for the people having trouble with body pain. Many users have used the inversion table and get a good result.

The inversion table received 3.60 out of 5.00 rating from the customer. But, there are many people who get relief from back pain using the inverting system.


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Life Gear Inversion Table is a smart choice for the people with back pain. The design and quality of the inversion table will help you to get rid of the pain. In addition, this is ergonomic friendly design for providing you comfortable feeling.

Also, the inversion table ensures durability and stability. So, there will be no risk of getting an injury. You can spend some time regularly and get relief from your back pain. This is an affordable inversion table to invest and get relief. So, don’t wait to think, just go for it!


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