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Do Inversion Tables Work? Do They Really Work For Back Pain?


The question of Do Inversion Tables Work? Do They Really Work For Back Pain? Using inversion tables for relieving and avoiding backache is not a new phenomenon. The working of inversion tables is considered as a crucial part of inversion therapies. Do inversion tables work seems to be a big question asked by the patients before starting inversion therapy.

The inversion tables are defined as the medical treatment equipment, used for inverting the spinal nerves, discs, and vertebrae. Working and dependability of inversion table is directly associated with proper utilization of its features and settings.

Do Inversion Tables Work

Do Inversion Tables Work – What is An Inversion Therapy?

An inversion therapy is widely used medical therapy treatment, provided to the patients suffering from mild or chronic back pain. It simply involves an inverted angle (being upside down) along with hanging by ankles, feet or legs. The main purpose of creating this particular posture is to gain the therapeutic advantages, ultimately relieving the back pain.

The inversion therapy is a very useful and effective treatment option for the patients complaining of back pain. In medical terms, the inversion therapy is regarded as a form of spinal traction or spinal decompression.

Do inversion tables work, how to use the inversion tables as a part of inversion therapy and how long it will take to get the desired results are some of the questions frequently asked about the efficacy of this therapy.


Do inversion tables work – Inversion tables—indications

A huge population of the patients today is using the inversion tables for getting a long-term relief from severe back pain conditions. Do inversion tables work in the practical conditions is a fact that may differ on from one patient to another. But in most of the cases, it actually works by delivering a relief to back pain for a longer term. Following mentioned are some common indications in which using inversion tables can be highly beneficial.

  • In the lower back or upper back pain.
  • In the patients who are diagnosed with sciatica.
  • In cases where patients are experiencing difficulty in the back functionality.
  • In patients who are experiencing continuous painful symptoms, eve after taking a sleep can also use inversion tables.
  • The patients of spinal compression and related issues can also use inversion tables as a significant treatment option.
  • Any sort of painful condition experienced in the spinal area can be treated with the inversion tables.

The conditions in which inversion tables are used can be discussed with the therapist or nay medical expert. Do inversion tables work and provide effective results actually depend on the particular condition of the patient and the intensity of painful conditions experienced. Proper usage and height adjustment of an inversion table is also crucial for getting the desired and instant results with the inversion therapy, using inversion tables.

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Do inversion tables work – The working of inversion tables

The spinal decompression and the spinal traction are considered as the best options for relieving the chronic back pain conditions in an effective manner. Do inversion tables work for relieving the severe back pain conditions without a surgery is a great debate among patients? There is a need to elaborate the functionality and working of the inversion tables.

  • When the affected painful area of the patient is stretched out in an upside down direction, a strong gravitational force is created. It simply pulls the spine in the downward direction, ultimately resulting in the traction and decompression of the spine including vertebrae, nerves and disc.


  • By doing this, the spine of the patient is realigned and stretched back in the normal position.


  • But do inversion tables work in draining the fluid which is responsible for inflammation of the spinal nerves is the real question. In numerous cases the fluid which is responsible for the inflammation of spinal nerves, discs and vertebrae is also drained gradually.
  • This procedure effectively provides a significant relief to the extreme or mild painful conditions in the back.

The inversion tables require minimal effort and are quite user-friendly for the patients. How and when do inversion tables work for achieving the targeted back pain relief result is a big concern for the majority of the patients? It is a fact that getting complete pain relief may take some time but once it fully works, the results are long term.

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Pros of using inversion tables

  • In the very first manner, inversion tables help the patients to maintain their height. Shrinkage is known as the most common problem which results in the worst back pain symptoms. But by using the inversion tables, individuals can avoid the problem of shrinkage.


  • Do inversion tables work and deliver the absolute results to patients is also related to the fact that how the equipment is used. The individuals should adjust the settings of the inversion table for having the desired results. Fortunately, the premium quality and high standard inverting tables offer customized setting features.


  • Using inversion tables also improves the blood circulation of the patients. The blood circulation is basically regulated effectively when inverted.


  • It is a fact that the body becomes rejuvenated when stretched. By using inversion tables, stress is released which is another common cause of back pain.


  • The overall functionality, motion as well as the flexibility of the patient can be made better by using inversion tables.


  • Poor posture is regarded as a known cause of lower as well as upper back pain. But when inverting with the help of inversion tables, the patients reverse the gravity direction, ultimately allowing better mobility.


  • How do inversion tables work for minimizing the painful symptoms of patients, can be now easily understood, as this equipment is offering multiple advantages to the users.


After carefully observing the functionality, specifications, nature and advantages of the inversion tables, it can easily be concluded that they can be used for minimizing or completely eliminating the lower and upper back pain. The ambiguity of the patents regarding do inversion tables work can be clarified with the fact that majority of the patients utilizing this equipment have attained positive results and experienced significant relief in the spinal nerve, disc and vertebrae pain.