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Body Champ it8070 Inversion Therapy Table Review

Body Champ It8070 inversion therapy table is one of the smart choices for your body pain. If you want a regular workout for getting relief from back pain or muscle pain, the inversion table is for you. The table is designed for your daily workout routine. It is more effective, safe and supportive to give you relief.

body champ it8070 inversion therapy table

Body Champ It8070 Inversion Therapy Table is effective for inverting and doing regular exercise. You can get relief from the strain on your spinal column. It will also heal your spinal cord to give a good result. The ankle support and backrest are impressive to give extra support and comfort when doing exercise.  You can also improve your body posture by doing a regular workout.

Body Champ It8070 Inversion Therapy Table – Features

The inversion table comes with some cool and effective features. The table is not only durable but also effective to reduce your pain. If you want to reduce muscle pain, this is a good workout table. This is both affordable and comfortable for the users. The quality and design are also suitable for a daily workout routine.

  • Durable Design With Stability
  • Ankle Support Design
  • Inverting Capacity
  • Foldable Design For Storage
  • Lightweight And Stable
  • Easy To Assemble
  • Safety Concerned Designs
  • Capacity

Let’s know the features briefly in order to get an overall idea about the inversion table. Then, you can take an important decision to go with the affordable table or not.

body champ it8070 inversion therapy table

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Body Champ It8070 Inversion Therapy Table – Durable Design with Stability

The design of the therapy table is perfect for hold your body with comfort. The overall design is comfortable when inverting or doing normal exercise. The high-density foam cushion adds an extra level of the comfort zone for your body.

It also comes with a cushioned but lightweight backrest for support your back. As a result, you will get a soft backrest for back pain instead of hard plastic design.

The table will remain stable when inverting and doing exercise. As a result, you will always get a safe feeling to do the workout.

Ankle Support Design

There are sufficient scopes for providing ankle support with comfort. Four foam rollers will help to give support to your ankles. In addition, you can also adjust the ankles depending on your need.

However, the pads are not enough to give you comfortable feeling like some expensive models. So, this could be a negative side for you!

Inverting Capacity

The capacity of inverting is impressive to the users. It comes with a safety strap and safety lock in order proved you safety. As a result, you can invest in any degree you want.

You can lock your feet to get support and invert for getting health benefits. You need to invert slowly and effectively. As the design of the inversion table is preferable to the users, you will get good support. The handrails are also ergonomic friendly to ensure good stretching and comfort.

You will always get 90-degree inverting position safely. This is very high compared to other similar priced table.

body champ it8070 inversion therapy table

Foldable Design for Storage

This inversion table is easy to fold and storage. So, you can easily fold the inversion when it is not in use. As a result, this is a preferable table to save space.

Lightweight and Stable

This is only 47 pounds weight. So, you can easily move the table to anywhere. Most of the lightweight tables are not stable. This is different from other inversion tables. You will get a stable table for inverting.

Easy To Assemble 

The table is not hard to assemble. You will get a manual instruction in order to assemble the table. The manufacturer will provide you enough tools to complete the assembly.

Safety Concerned Designs

The inversion table is safe and secure to use. As this is a stable table, you can easily do the workout on the table. On the other hand, it comes with an assisted design for the upright position.

You will also get U-shaped handrails for extra comfort and safety. As a result, the safety locks will give you an easy way to do inverting. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the therapy at all!

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The inversion table can hold up to 250 pounds of body weight. However, this is recommended to use for maximum 220 pounds weight. This will give you durable service.

The overall design helps to increase the height capacity of the users. It uses pull-pin adjustable technology for adjusting the height capacity. The table is perfect for 4.7ft people to 6.8ft people.

body champ it8070 inversion therapy table


  • This is lightweight inversion table with easy to fold design
  • It comes with height adjusting boom with safety lock
  • It comes with a U-shape design for handrails
  • There is a safety bar for easy workout in upright position
  • It does not take much space and fold in seconds for storage
  • A table is an affordable option in the market for inverting workout
  • The table is very easy and simple to assemble for any person
  • The stability level is impressive when doing workout


  • There are not enough pads for feet and ankles support. So, the inversion table may not be too much comfort to do the workout for a long time.
  • The frame is lightweight, as a result, it provides low weight limit of only 250 pounds
  • There is no angle control on degree of rotation

Customer Rating

The inversion table has received 4.40 rating out of 5.00 rating on Amazon. More than 1500 customers have purchased the inversion table and show a positive attitude in the reviews. So, this is a good reason to trust on the quality and performance of the inversion table to get relief from pain.

body champ it8070 inversion therapy table

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Body Champ It8070 inversion therapy table is a quality and effective table for chiropractic therapy. If you want a regular inversion workout table, this is the best choice. Because of the features, designs, and supportive structure, you will feel comfortable.

In addition, this is an affordable option available in the market. If you want to get rid of back pain or spinal pain, this is the natural way to improve the condition. So, don’t wait for thinking, just go for your pain solution!


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